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Výsledky měření koncentrace CO<sub>2</sub> v&nbsp;ložnici při přirozeném větrání oknem

Results of carbon dioxide concentration measurement in the bedroom

10.9.2018 | Ing. Petr Bohuslávek, redakce
The measurement of carbon dioxide concentration was made in my bedroom in February 2018 within one week. CO2 concentration during the night is evaluated under different ventilation modes. The results show a significant effect of ventilation on air quality. They prove that only natural ventilation through tight windows in current developmental residential buildings is inadequate.
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Innovative methods for serial energy retrofitting of residetinal buidlings – examples from the Netherlands

20.8.2018 | Ing. Antonín Lupíšek, Ph.D., ČVUT v Praze, pracoviště UCEEB
The paper describes actual trends in serial deep energy retrofitting of buildings in the Netherlands. A set of photographs presents several Dutch pilot projects of energy retrofitting of post-war family houses in Heerlen, Melick and Soersterberg to net zero energy level and of one multifamily residential building in Arnhem to nearly zero energy level. The retrofitting projects were made utilizing prefabricated thermal insulation wall modules with timber structural system (that included new windows) and prefabricated roof panels. All presented projects also featured replacement of energy sources and in case of the family houses also installations of photovoltaic systems replacing roof tiles.

Vertical Prestressing of Facade Wall Made in Combination of Clay Brics and Burned Full Brics

30.7.2018 | doc. Ing. Zdeněk Bažant, CSc., doc. Ing. Ladislav Klusáček, CSc., Ing. Jiří Strnad, Ph.D., Ústav betonových a zděných konstrukcí, FAST VUT v Brně
The façade wall made of low-quality materials (clay and burned full brics) was vertically prestressed using monostrands. The wall strip foudation was strengthened with a transverse ties – strands.

Refurbishment of Riding`s Hall Roof Structure - The National Heritage

23.7.2018 | doc. Ing. Jaroslav Sandanus, PhD., doc. Ing. Kristián Sógel, PhD., Katedra kovových a drevených konštrukcií SvF STU v Bratislave
In the paper the refurbishment of riding`s hall roof structure is presented. The combined steel-timber load-bearing structure had visible and high horizontal deformations and the gable wall was pushed out of the building.In the frame of refurbishment the diagnostic survey, structural calculations of the original and the new stage of the structure and the proposal of refurbishment works were worked out.

Reconstruction of wooden ceilings – timber joists mechanically jointed with wood-based boards

18.6.2018 | Ing. Zdeněk Vejpustek, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Bohumil Straka, CSc., doc. Ing. Jan Vaněrek, Ph.D., VUT FAST Brno
This paper shows the process of restoration, of a historic wooden ceiling, using a “dry method” – interaction between historic timber joists that are mechanically jointed with wood-based boards.The paper describes reasons for choosing the method and principles of a good design. The experience of using this method on site is also described in this article.

Overshadowing of agricultural land by buildings

28.5.2018 | Ing. Pavel Rubáš, Ph.D., Technický a zkušební ústav stavební Praha s.p.
The article is focused on overshadowing of agricultural land by buildings. On this kind of land is not possible to apply the standard criterion according to ČSN 73 4301 Residential buildings that is suitable for determination of overshadowing of the recreational land. In that cases is necessary to use a far more complex calculations and predictions of overshadowing using combination with agronomical know how because in some cases is overshadowing of the crops even useful.

Solar water heating on the Czech market

30.4.2018 | Bc. Jakub Venzara, ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta strojní, doc. Ing. Tomáš Matuška, Ph.D., Univerzitní centrum energeticky efektivních budov, ČVUT v Praze
The authors describe the economic and technical connections related to the use of thermal solar water heating systems on the Czech market. This includes investment costs, grant titles, operating options, and an estimated lifetime that is roughly twice as high as the economic return.
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Energy conscious reconstruction of the heating system

23.4.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
Description of the heating system according to the European methodology. The theoretical part is complemented by a description of the current state of the heating systems in residential buildings that the professional public encounters. In the article, the recommended data for the correct application of the method and design procedures for assessing the energy performance of heating is given. The processed topic will thus help to understand the influence of individual variables on the economical operation of the heating system and its final evaluation.

Fire protection of apartment houses

9.4.2018 | Milan Markovič, Facility manager
The article explains some basic terms and obligations in the field of fire protection related to the activity and character of the association of owners of flats (or housing cooperatives) and ensuring fulfillment of obligations in the field of fire protection.

Installation and acceptance of hot-water heating systems

26.2.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
When rebuilding the HVAC systems, it is necessary to respect the implementing regulations which define the framework of the certified technical procedures. In a number of examples of practice, it shows the absence of these facts. The article deals with the implementing standards and recommendations for the assembly and acceptance process of heating systems. It is designed not only for assembly companies, but also for investors and administrators who take over the work and then use it.
Brilon a.s.

Change of heat supply from a central source to a domestic gas boiler room

19.2.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
In the area of existing thermal energy supply systems, the processes of disconnection of existing heat consumers have been ongoing for a long time. The key point is correctness of the Energy Certificates. The article provides an example of a specific assessment of disconnection from central source heat supplier.
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Economic assessment of energy saving measures in apartment buildings - HVAC systems

5.2.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
The article deals with the economic assessment of energy saving measures as a further continuation of the topic of reconstruction of HVAC systems in apartment buildings. Selection of economical lifespan for selected elements and functional parts with preventive maintenance costs is provided. Finally, an example of the apartment building evaluation is given.
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Requirements for new heat sources and boiler rooms in the Czech Republic according to Act No. 406/2000 Coll.

29.1.2018 | Ing. Karel Mrázek
Eco-design is a set of parameters (especially energy efficiency) that must be observed by the supplier (the manufacturer or importer) of the energy-related product when it is placed on the EU market or into operation. The article provides an overview of requirements for new sources and boiler rooms in relation to implemented regulations.
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Documents for the reconstruction of HVAC system in a residential building

22.1.2018 | Ing. Alena Horáková
The first article of the series on energetic reconstruction HVAC systems in residential buildings is focused on the preparation of project with minimum necessary information that should be prior to any commencement reconstruction. In current practice this part is significantly neglected.
Stavba stanice metra na Náměstí Republiky

History of the use fly ash for concrete production in the Czech Republic

25.12.2017 | Ing. Tomáš Moravec, STACHEMA CZ s.r.o.
The article describes the beginnings of the use of the fly ash mixture for the production of concrete in the Czech Republic, its application on important buildings (Prague subway, Nuclear power plant Temelín) and impacts on the production technology.
Složitá rekonstrukce staršího bytového domu

Complicated Reconstruction of an Older Multi-family House

18.12.2017 | Ing. Jan Koláček, Ph.D., Ústav betonových a zděných konstrukcí, FAST VUT v Brně, doc. Ing. Zdeněk Bažant, CSc., Ústav betonových a zděných konstrukcí, FAST VUT v Brně,
In December of year 2016 has been finished the extensive reconstruction of the multi-family house built in the thirties of last century, located in the district Žabovřesky of the city Brno. Investor with architect desired the modern appearance of interior and facade of the house, which involved a number of difficult renovations and new structures that had to be consulted with structure engineer. The significant steps of the reconstruction of the multi-family house are described in detail in this contribution.
Možnosti aplikace a testování systému nerezových helikálních výztužích

Application and Testing Possibilities of a Stainless Steel Helical Reinforcement for the Concrete Structures Sanation

20.11.2017 | Ing. Ondřej Karel, VUT FAST Brno, Ing. Jiří Kubanek, Saron statika Brno, Ing. Iva Rozsypalová, doc. Ing. Pavel Schmid, Ph.D., VUT Brno, Ústav stavebního zkušebnictví
The article deals with application of stainless steel helical reinforcement to sanitation of concrete structures and its application suitability focused on possible ways of diagnostics. Examples of possible use of this reinforcement are summed up.
Analýza trvanlivosti preimyselných komínov &copy; Imperium Obrazu -

Analysis of the Durability of Industrial Chimneys

13.11.2017 | prof. Ing. Juraj Bilčík, PhD., Ing. Ivan Hollý, PhD., Ing. Natália Gažovičová, Stavebná fakulta STU Bratislava
Industrial chimneys are civil engineering works, which in addition to static and dynamic effects, direct and indirect loads, are also exposed to significant non-stationary environmental loads. Analysis of their durability focuses on the evaluation of vertical cracks, corrosion of concrete and reinforcement, which have a decisive influence on the resistance of the chimney's shaft with regard to the ultimate and serviceability limit states, as well as their durability.

The Methods of the Geodetic Documentation Creation for the Objects Reconstruction

6.11.2017 | Ing. Ján Ježko, PhD., Katedra geodézie, Stavebná fakulta, STU v Bratislave
The article describes the methods of the surveying data and documentation production. The documentation is used for the process of planning, realisation and reconstruction of transport, energetic, industrial, ecologic and public objects. The documentation is also used in the remediation process and the protection of the buildings and historical objects. In these processes, it is necessary to know the spatial dimension – location data, the location of these objects on the Earth's surface and shape and dimensions of these objects. The activities that lead to the realisation, reconstruction and remediation of building objects require a quality maps, photogrammetric images and geodetic models (3D models), which are mostly realised in a suitable interactive graphic PC system in 3D digital form.
Opravy historických objektů z&nbsp;pozice statiky a&nbsp;z&nbsp;hlediska památkové péče

Repaits of Historic Buildings from the Position of Static Engineering and from the Point of View of Heritage Care

30.10.2017 | doc. ing. Ladislav Klusáček, CSc., doc. ing. Zdeněk Bažant, CSc., VUT FAST Brno
Heritage care specialists in the repair and reconstruction of historical buildings prefer using of previous working methods and especially materials, sometimes too strongly. It is not always easy to satisfy their requirements, with regard to the problematic of static object state. It is necessary to find suitable compromises.
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